Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dvd reviews

story- when a popular jock (chris evans)bets he can turn a social outcast into the next prom queen,all raunch busts loose in this unrated,uncut,unapologetic hit comedy.

not another teen movie is a breath of fresh, frisky air, even if it does hinge on clichés. Of course, clichés are what it's all about. This is to the teen romantic comedies what Scary Movie was to mindless slasher flicks.

i particularly like the scene when white cheerleaders (mascot: the Wasps) deny stealing material, then perform a pointedly black routine, as in Bring It On.

There's plenty of nudity, too. Particularly Italian exchange student Areola (Cerina Vincent) as one bare naked lady.woohooooo*winks*

Nothing original is on display in "Not Another Teen Movie," but much of it is funny anyway. the whole movie is quite silly but damn it, I laughed, perhaps grudgingly, at most of the jokes.. so do watch it!

for those who are like secretly screwing me (damn u!!!) for recommending material girls..u guys better not watch this!this is obviously not for ppl who is expecting an award winner, so all that's desired is to be entertained and it at least does that. watch with an open mind and you'll have a good time.strictly for guys like me who enjoys scary movie and teen movies(american pie,bring it one etc)

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duncan said...

i guess its a very " american" show .. anyway i wan more movie reviews from U! .. before i rent any of em to watch ! hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Are you attached to daryl?

Mooks said...
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russ said...

duncan>rent this..damn funny!

hey anonymous>...daryl is like my gd frd for god sake!wtf?

Anonymous said...

isn't daryl like gay? lol

russ said...

eh...daryl is very straight.anw.this is MY blog.why are u asking me abt him?

zac said...

the movie's bloody hilarious..saw it 4 or 5 yrs ago...3 times consecutively! hahaha..thanks for the reminder