Monday, May 28, 2007

champagn supernova

venue-Amara saunctuary Sentosa

i was @ e raoul event at amara saunctuary sentosa with derrick,daryl,alaric and wenhan on sat,the clothes were PRETTY alright...hint,there were velvet pants and satin shirts for guys u can guess as much,not really my kinda clothes.

anw had a few classes of champagn b4 we bar hop at club street with trey and daryl.trey is e bomb man!totally fun.oh and every bar we step into,he would open like one bottle of champagn and we had to polish off in e shortest time.anw he taught me to mix half orange jucie with moet & chandon,its sex man!friggin ace!i can attest to that!its a tad like sparking orange juice (which also means,u end up drinking much more without knowing that u are gonna be so piss drunk)

with reference to the aforementioned,by the time we reached zouk to meet e rest,i swear i had drank like almost a whole full bottle of champagn by myself.(2 and half bottles by 3 blokes in 1 and half hour)its insane!(trey's record was 4 bottles in one hour)

alaric said the music @ velvet was fucking good ,but i couldnt get in!damn...because i'm underage!!! ...RIGHT...anw,the kick was starting to get to me by that time so we were dancing crazily for abit at phuture.

after a few unsuccessful sessions to spew and all the sweat from dancing,i decide to head home asap.trey and chong suggested going down club street for more partying but i knew i had to go home b4 i m totally wasted!

it was a blast...minus the fucking bad headache from all e are e pics of while i was still sober a lil.still very chui!

ciao for now


brandon said...

ha, the music at velvet was good
take note that i am 19
just a whole lot younger than you
i just had to dress the part that night
which was like.. crazy aunite
with a pinkhead band and HUGE glasses

glo with th flo dood..

dp said...

whatever. always acting young.. hahha

russ said...

ugh.i was joking abt the underage part right.

Anonymous said...

benjamin , u look super super cute here !

and u look young as always ! so envy !

Mooks said...

haha u were trying to say u were underage.... RIGHTTTTTT. hehee

duncan said...

cute enough to look young =)

lex said...

u look old are u by the way?

brandon said...

oh -_-

Stella said...

hey relink!


Anonymous said...

*seems likefun party

*why is someone wearing shades????

coby said...

orange juice with cham?hmmm...

Mooks said...

come out and party u fool.

come out come out come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

howie said...

oh my u look hot... Btw WHERE did u guys get those pretty blazers?