Sunday, June 24, 2007

boys dont cry?

i'm in of those silly mood today.(u can tell from the pictures)

anw,i was listening to some really sad songs and it sorta striked a sad chord within me,or at least i want it to.i m not sure if i m e only one or u guys do that too.sometimes when i get really bored at night,i would listen to some really depressing songs,think of doleful stuff,create a really melancholy mood...THEN try to force myself to shed a tear or two.

simply FOR THE FUN OF IT.ha.just to tell myself that i m emo like evryone else:P

do u peeps do that too?

ok,if u dont,u prob think i m very very special weird........

but its the same case as watching a sad movie or the current korean drama fad.hell lotsa pppl are hooked to all those korean drama that made wail like hungry babies.

''this drama is damn good,i cried and sniveled every ep''

good when it cause em to get all teary?see,i think i m not alone man.ppl do get a kick out of crying.

but homies,in case u guys think why i m whimpering like a gal.I M NOT!in fact,i DONT cry easily...not at all.its difficult for me to even shed a tiny weeny drop of tear

maybe because my mum has taught me that boys dont cry since young and i m train that way

or maybe u guys wanan think i m cold blooded and less human.(whatever bitches)

i just dont tear easily even when i want to.its quite sad not to be able to tear when u are feeling really dreary and sad ya know.thus i m doing wat i m doing,listening to sad songs and forcing tears out.not easy can..usually unsuccessful. :(

the only time i think i can tear really prolly when i erm....yawn?ahem.ok and if someting really sad happens of cos.

fyi,crying doesnt make a guy less valiant.we men have the right to cry too.its cool.(unless u do it all the time!tssk)

anw,talking abt crying,i do have something to cry bad haircut 2 days back.sign,the haircut was excactly wat i didnt want...sob:(

ok this is really random,but i m totally hook to shaker fries.normal fries jus dont do it for me anymore.sign.macdonalds should just make shakers fries permanent.

this entry is damn silly and random..

i m out.


Oracle said...

Sorry for veering off topic, but what did you do to your teeth taht makes them so white???

Can you tell us how you did it? I want whiter teeth too!!!

distantpromise said...

i like these pics,very charming!

ethel said...

hmmm. is like that de. sometimes u get a hair cut that u r not satisfied with.. but no choice. already cut liaoos. HAHAHs. sch reopening tmrw. SIAN!!!

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Hmm... My friends said that I'm a tough girl... Cos I seldom cry... Hmm.. Unless I yawn or laugh continuously... Yup yup... Maybe I'm trained from young through my parents that I'm not supposed to cry over small matters... But still... I'm a emotional girl!!! Seems abit contradicting? LOL!!!

russ said...

oracle>hey,thanks.but i guess two steps to sparkling white teeth is 1-brush ur teeth religiously2 DONT smoke.

othewise,u can try whitening toothpaste or other products?its advisable to consult ur dentist instead of buying wats on the market.

keep smiling alright?

distantpromise>thanks for always making my day:)

ethel>yeah...i hate it when its a bad haircut.but i guess for guys is easier,cos our hair is grow back faster.anw,dont be sad abt sch...i'm sure is gonna be fun!ok?

serena>i guess u are a pretty strong and mature gal,so u dont cry over trival matters.but i guess eevryone has a soft spot...and despite the cool and tough exterior,u are actually a swwet sentimental gal:)

LPPL said...

Hey me too. Haha!! What I will do is listen to korean songs that I have watched the drama before and tears just came falling. Sounds a bit silly and now I know there is someone out there too. Hahaha..

ethel said...

hmmm. okayy bahh. busy with studies. how to be fun? HAHA. at most is joke & crap around with my friends. HAHA.

b said...

you are not alone...

duncan said...

hello dx miu .. hmm ..this entry is not silly .. we will always be there for u if anything happen .. anyway i cant rem whem i last cried haha ...

russ said...

ippl>uber cool!hmm,at least after doing this entry,i know there are ppl like me doing silly stuff!ha

ethel>well,at least u get to see all ur frds and joke/crap ard.not that bad right?i m sure ur sch frds miss u!

b>awesome.good to know that:)

duncan>thanks bro.i know whateevr happens,u will be there to catch me if i fall:)

jess said...

i got act emo by listening 2 songs somtime oso bah.hahaha.i like two of the foto in tis post.veri cute!

ethel said...

HAHA. dont know about that. but o lvl oral etc are coming up. zZz. hmmms. free do visit my blogg. HEHE. =D

Mooks said...

ben is human like everybody else. :)

just because he is always smiley and has a cute face doesnt mean he has no emotions!!!