Friday, June 22, 2007

MY fantastic 4

say hello to the new fantastic 4 :)

Daryl as silver surfer,endowned with superhuman strength, he is able to control and direct cosmic energies, with enough force to destroy a city

Duncan as Mr. Fantastic — Stretchy McStretch-a-lot

Sherlyn as Invisible Woman (highlight to see the word)— Invisible, able to project force fields

Jeremy as The Thing — Superhuman strength and endurance (i know u are so gonna kill me dx!)

Benjamin as the burning hot Human Torch (for obvious resons:P) -Can surround self in flames and fly ! Flame on!

the Fantastic Four sequel, Rise of the silver surfer hits theaters to provide audiences with a fun, silly, summertime computer-animated treat.

i personally feel that the action is not enough especially the final fight scene.i 'm not gonna reveal too much,cos i know some of u havent watch it.but i still enjoy it nonetheless.

The Fantastic Four are a group of superheroes, each with his/her own cool power. If you could choose among these four, which power would you want?

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
Mr. Fantastic can stretch his body in all sorts of shapes and ways.

Invisible Woman/Susan Storm (er, soon to be Susan Reed)
Susan can make herself invisible and project powerful force fields.

Human Torch/Johnny StormSusan's brother,
the Human Torch can surround himself with flames and also fly.

The Thing/Ben Grimm
The Thing possesses superhuman strength and endurance.



Anonymous said...

I'm 1st!! haha..didn't realise u r so creative..this pic of us is sooo cute. hehee

Invisible woman should break up with Mr. Fantastic then get on with Silver Surfer..haha

*waving to DP*

Anonymous said...

the above by - Melah :p

distantpromise said...

i like the power of invisible good can be invisible.anyway,u guys look cute as the new cast of fantastic 4!

Mooks said...




+*+Serena+*+ said...

Nice pictures!!!

Hmm... I quite like Mr Fantastic... Cos I'm super lazy... So I can stretch myself far to get things I want without moving myself... Lol... So you wanna be torch? Hmm... Girls love him alot... Me too!!!

lynnie said...

i want the power of silver surfer,most poweerful!my favourite character is torch!so cute!(the original and 'new' one)

ethel said...

HAHHAHA> did u edit this pic yrselff? so funny. LoL.

russ said...

melah>i've always been creative can?!this new invisible woman so flirty one.

distantpromise>yeah,how nice to have the power of invisible woman.

mooks>u cannot be out of e cast.u are one of the 4 leads.the thing is ugly but impt and powerul:P

serena>thanx.yeah,damn shiok to be mr fantatsic,can laze ard.but i cant imagine serena having like rubbery legs and hands.ha.yup,i wanna be torch!hee.

lynnie>thanks:)i kn the original one is much hotter than the new one la.

ethel>yeah edit myself,and i m really bad at it looks kinda messy and wrong.i m seriously bad at this.hope u've wking hard for ur Os!

duncan said...

i wan to be out of the game too !!!!!!!!!!! on " STRIKE " !!!U too the best what's left ?????? agrrrrr..... anyway fantastic 4 rocks ! i wan transformers too ! better give me a good one next !! lol

duncan said...

enjoy ur weeknd miu .. mizzzz ya =p

dp said...

wah lao eh. me silver surfer?
actually not bad la.
quite powerful.

LPPL said...

this is really good and entertaining :) my top pick so far.

Anonymous said...

this is veri fun & interesting human torch!

Mooks said...


ethel said...

haha. im oso not good at editing photos. hmmm. holidays been slacking. study a little little bit only lorr. HAHA. anyway, sch reopening tmrw. siann. and just 4 more months to my o lvl exams.. hmmm. free do drop by my blog lehh. =DD.