Tuesday, June 19, 2007

high sex drive?

alrite,this post is a a few days stale.u prob had seen one or two pics from duncan's blog already.ANYWAY,for those who havent seen it,here are the photos.so,i met up with my two loves,sherlyn and duncan @ holland v as usual on fri.

i was @ the gym with duncan b4 that and i m really surprise how crowded suntec can be on a fri night.it was crazy ass packed and i really dread crowds.thus,i always try to avoid town on weekends if i could.i still prefer e serenity of shopping on weekday mornings,where there are not much ppl at all.

the sales assistant will not be too agreesive too because 1-they just reached the shop 2-tidying up the place 3 checking the account 4-still sleepy.

which is good,because they can be a tad irritating sometimes when they stand around u..

oh,and i hate sales talk 'wowwwwwww,this looks amazing on you!!!'*cringe*is it really that hawt till u had to be so drama abt it?tsk

oh well,perhaps it does work for some customers,and such sales talk really do work.i m a sucker for compliments too BUT not when is this fake.

oh,i went to grab a copy of cleo too on my way home.

i know cleo is a gals magazine, i so dont buy it usually ......BUT besides the fact that hawt maggie q is on the cover for this issue.....my buddy daryl and lewis is inside too.babe maggie q sizzles as usual....anw,the boys are in this lil booklet(astro-seduction guide)that is free when u purchase the magazine.

from the booklet..
-rules by mars,the aries man loves risk and adventure.he's allergic to boredom and is always on e lookout for something,or someone,to interest and inspire him.to keep up with HIS HIGH SEX DRIVE,u have to be as spontaneous and passionate as he is in bed.

the gals behind cleo are very very naughty heh.*spank*always sex sex sex!i was reading the lil booklet and fuck la,they say aries is high sex drive?i'm sure is not jus aries!

i wonder how accurate their astro guide is:P

anw,peeps ..go get it!!!



ced said...

astro guide is full of rubbish la!! (in my personal opinion) hehhe... probably the astro-fela became HIGH!

Oracle said...

Aiyah, it's part of human nature :)

Anonymous said...

I wana eat tictactoe again..shall we go again on Fri, love? U look cute with the silly garnish on ur ear...


duncan said...

i wan tic tac toe too !!! ben always look cute in everything la ...

p.s .. astro guide ? hmmmm i dunno hhaah .. mayb it works ... =p

brandon said...

i hate annoying pushy sales peoples!
the way they say everything looks good one you
the way the say 'the cut for this one is different, its supposed to look like that!' when its like 2 sizes too big -_-


brandon said...

gosh, i made so many typos in that

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Hmm... Usually I dun give very very exaggerating comments to my customers... Btw... I worked in boutique shop before... Yup yup... I will give them more like neutral comments... Yup yup... OMG... You're so RED!!!

ethel said...

LOLL!!! "high sex drive?".. anyway, is not true de lAH. HAHA.

russ said...

ced>yeah,quite rubbish.i guess the astro guide is more for fun.anw,wats ur star sign?

oracle>totally agree!:)

melah & duncan>yeah,wanna eat tictactoe again too!!!!lets go on fri!yes,the garnish does look silly on me.

russ said...

brandon>no worries,at least i know wat u are trying to say!yeah..i dread pushy sales ppl,tell me abt it!anw,lets go shopping!club 21 sale starts this wkends.

serena>yeah,not all sales ppl.i dont particularly like red,but ya,quite red that day.ha.oh i catch fantastic 4 yesterday alr!!

ethel>ya man,not true.how can only aries be high sex drive??!how are u anw?

underhood said...

cute pics!

cellularhippo said...

YES! club 21 : )
actually its starts tomorrow! tomorrow night

and the won't be pusy there
they will just give extra discounts
*wink wink*

Mooks said...

aries = high sex drive.


i think so. and they are prolly good in bed as well.

duncan said...

yes i love club 21 ! =)

ethel said...

like that lor. these few days chiong for my holiday assignments. sch reopening soon. O LVLS reaching le. zZz..

russ said...

ethel>good luck for ur O LVLS yea!

ced said...

mine's virgo la... have been busy lately at work... argghh...tired =/