Saturday, June 16, 2007

i m a toy,play me

BARRICADE is a born liar. The greatest thrill in his life is knowing people trust him because of the human decorations on his door panels. The look of betrayal they get when they realize what they’re dealing with is as sweet as candy. The only thing he likes better is chasing down AUTOBOTS and breaking them into pieces with his powerful arms and crushing, hydraulic hands.

Convert this DECEPTICON figure from menacing robot mode to Saleen S281 police car mode and back again! It features spring-loaded punch-attack action and a DECEPTICON FRENZY figure that ejects from its chest in robot mode!

SOUNDWAVE is a DECEPTICON communications specialist and right-hand man to MEGATRON on Earth.His emotionless face is more than just blank. It is sinister. It seems always as if he keeps more secrets, even from MEGATRON, than he tells, and that many of those secrets might be horrible to hear.

DECEPTICON BRAWL is built for one thing, and on thing alone – destruction. His programming has been gripped for as long as he can remember by a rage so deep and so hot that he feels little else.

Convert this DECEPTICON figure from menacing robot mode to tank mode and back again! It features rotating turrets in robot mode and a projectile-launching cannon in tank mode!

SUPER SOAKER TRANSFORMERS Water Shooter!!!i m sure all of us luv to play super soaker when we were kids no? boys always love to get e gals wet.ahem anyhow,This TRANSFORMERS water blaster is one soaker that’s more than meets the eye! Its rotating nozzle gives you four ways to soak your opponents, and a protective shield gives you defense as tough as your offense! Blast streams of water at your target – up to 35 feet away! A large, 50.7-ounce water tank keeps you blasting, longer! Change your soaker and beat the odds!

Firstly i have to clarify that transformers is NOT my time is pokemon!no ,its freakish telly tubbies !

*guilty as hell*

alright .....its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

anyhow,i still rem that my mum did bought me transformers action figures when i was very very very young and cute .i m a huge fan of action figures!

but i have to admit that as a kid, i always felt that transformers acton figures didnt quite measure up to my other toys,simply because its so diminutive compared to my tmnt or ghost busters action figures....

like how i always felt that my elder sis's barbie dolls are like giants!how can dolls be so big size!!while my tmnt only reaches the waist of her barbie.

anw,now that the movie TRANSFORMERS is gonna be screening real soon,i m actually lookin forward to it.

let the action begin.laters!

for official movie site,click below
for more cool transformers toys,click below


distantpromise said...

i miss playing with super soaker!my favourite when i was a kid.

duncan said...

so sad that u didnt join me for fantastic four , anyway shall we catch transformer together ! i love it since im small hahah

coby said...

i think transformers is every guy's favourite cartoon since young!still remember the song?

queenie said...

i dont like barbie dolls last time,wahaha,only play with cousin his toys.dunno why i not like other girls, dont like barbie oso

Mooks said...

i miss super soaker too!!

i used to have a rich neighbour who owns the 500. while mine is like 50 -__-.

he always have the best toys!

but i m not really into transformers

robots and stuff are not my thing! :)

russ said...

distantpromise> i like it too!

duncan>yeah sorry bout fantastic 4 man.lets catch transformers togther!

coby>i agree!

queenie>haha.barbies are quite old school nowadays dont play with barbie anymore no?anw,barbie is so NOT my thing

mooks>not into robots?but u love all e prada robots and u even bought e gold one can!ha