Monday, June 18, 2007

the hero of my life!

ben,mum,dad having dinner at muthu's curry restaurant

introducing the chef mr muthu!

and the cashier,mr muthu too!

ok,they all look like they are call muthusss....oh well,who cares...not like u guys actually bother abt their names.

the lovebirds!dad has e crown cos he is e star tonight!

"hero of my life"eeeeeeeeeww what a pansy effeminate title right?ha

anw,I totally enjoy lookin @ these lovely photos of my mum and dad,they let me wish i could bring time to a standstill...i wanna keep these photos with me forever man!their love for each other is something i m so proud of,a testimonial that love overcomes all barriers.

sometimes i think its just so difficult to say 'i love u' to my dad,thou i love him loads.its just weird for a guy to say it!i think i can be fuckin unfilial,i tend to take him for granted and all.yucks.

my dad has done so much for the family,and i really look up to him..he may not be the smartest,richest,best looker,in fact he is just jus a ordinary man...BUT he has provide this family with a extraordinary love thats better & more precious than anything else in e world!

dad has never ever beaten me once b4,(and i m not even a good boy),he is like e most patient guy i know!i m very much like my dad i think(cept the patient part,i m bloody impatient)...i may not be smartest,richest,most handsome but i know i can be a great man jus like him :) someone who will do his best to protect his family,loving em with all he has got.i know i will do that,i will take good care of my family and protect my love ones,like he did.

listing all e great stuff he has done in my life is a endless pit.

so cut to the chase......i just wanna say HAPPY DADDY'S DAY to u dad!i honestly appreciate all that u have done in my life,i m proud and truly grateful to hav u as my father.u are the biggest hero to me and i wanna be like u in future.

i believe even the most ordinary person can be a hero too and i will grow up to be just like u.

love u dad.

-dad,u are actually quite handsome la.haha
-oh,lets not forget to wish our heavenly daddy ' happy father's day too'!


ced said...

haha... wad a funny entry! muthu all the way.. so wad did you guys eat? tiger prawns? fish head? sri lankan carbs?

love is in the air...

ced said...

Crabs i mean.. lol!

jo@nseah said...

u have such a good r.ship with ur parents.

they must love u loads!

LPPL said...

Definitely look more like mom!! :)

+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... Muthu's Curry... I had it during Mother's Day... As for Father's Day... I had the famous promfet charcoal steamboat for dinner at bugis area.. It was nice too!!! Haha... It's indeed quite weird to say i love you to a guy la... I also don't say i love you to my dad and mum too... Just can't say it out... So just use my heart to express it lo.... Yup yup...

duncan said...

mum & dad always so loving .. and ur parents dotes u so much too ... and u r a filial son also =)

jess said...

wahh,the last pic is soo sweet!

distantpromise said...

good to know that youngsters like u are bonded with their parents these days!

ethel said...

i didn celebrate fathers day. =((.

russ said...

ced>hey ced,u like muthu also right!ha

joanseah>yeah they do,all prents love their children

ippl>yeah,i think i look like my mum more.

serena>i think is more impt to express it thru our actions too,rather than jus saying it?i m sure ur parents know u are a gd gal:)

duncan>ur parents are really loving too!and u are definitely a filial son

jess>yeah,sweeter without me inside!haha


ethel>oh well,i m sure u are a filial daughter & everyday is father's day to u