Friday, June 8, 2007

shut up and drive

IN the first quarter of this year, 920 people were arrested for drink driving, a whopping 22 percent increase over the same period last year. But the uptrend had begun earlier.

speaking in parliament ,Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee (do u guys even care know who he is?)said that in 2004, some 2,900 people were nabbed for drink driving.

in 2005, this went up by 30 percent to more than 3 700.

which means on average, there were 33 fatal accidents each year in the last three years as a result of drink driving.

wtf,the number of drink driving cases is totally freakin me out..pls pls be responsible,all of us can help to play our part to curb drink driving.

after partying,ALWAYS designate someone that did not drink to drive,alternatively we can always hail a cab ?afterall cabs in sg are not very very accessible!!(erm usually very accessible after midnight)but thats when we finished partying wat.

if u happened to be one of those weird ppl that drink in e day during traffic peak hours...u can always call a cab still?no excuses ya?

anyhow,whatever it is....PLEASE be responsible,not just for urself but for others too(that includes ur loves ones ,that kind old auntie at macdonalds,ur family members,that sluty hot chick u last saw @the bar,the horny cute bloke whom u had a fling etc)nobody deserves to die such a way and nobody wants to walk on e street happily.. and gets knocked down by some shit-housed drunkards for no reason e next min.

the fact that ur surname is hilton or ur galfrd's name being fann wong wouldnt help u get away with it.

to cut the crap.if u drink.....dont FUCKIN drive:)

*found this
they have drivers to drive you back home in your own car without the risks of getting caught for drink driving and having the inconvenience to pick up your car the next day.


jamie said...

i think the best is don't allow all types of vehicles on the road.
Everyone can jus walk so no will be good for the environment too lor.hee

duncan said...

yup , getting a cab after party is so easy .. y drive ? now im driving .. i wont drink if i need to drive .. from hilton to .. mr chris till the latest taiwanese singer , all were involve in drunk driving and worst still the taiwanese singer does'nt posses a license !

dp said...
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+*+Serena+*+ said...

Haha... I dun drink at all... Or I shall rephrase... I can't drink!!! So I think I will be the one sending ppl who are drunk back home instead of ppl sending me home if this situation occur to me... Lol... Cos I'm a driver!!! Haha...
I don't see u in MSN recently... But I do see ya comments left to me in your blog... Thanks! I'm fine and Miss ya lots!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the crime of killing a person due to drunk driving should be equivalent to manslaughter? A life is taken away even though not premeditated.

ethel said...

yes yes. i agree. dont drive if u drink. recently at taiwan there's this singer who drank. and drive. hit someone & the someone is dead.. zZz.. so so so many drunk driving cases..

Anonymous said...

It seems like most offenders are rich famous ppl, where fine and short jail terms just would not phase them at all.we should impose mandatory caning sentence for offenders!

cellularhippo said...

i just wish i could even drive : (

Mooks said...

yes nobody should get away with stuff like that.

paris hilton/christopher lee serves as a good lesson for all of the still drunk driving drivers.

russ said...

jamie>,we cant possibly walk to every destination right?no way man.

duncan>yeah,i know u are a gd driver duncan!

serena>i bet all ur frds love clubing with u!!anw,its gd that u dont drink since u drive....miss ya too!

anon>hmm,yeah,depending on diff cases,maybe the punishment should be heavier

ethel> many cases now is,pls be careful on e road k:)

anon>eh,maybe canning works?ouch

cellularhippo>same here man...i wish i can get my license soon...i think i should stop being lazy and go for my lessons soon.u too alright?lets motivate each other to do it!

mooks>yeah...they serve as a gd warning for ppl i think.i pity em but...hmm...i guess drink driving is just such a irresponsible act:(

ethel said...

yeahh. sure. =D